There Is a Finite Amount of Resources


If some people have a lot, that necessarily means that others have substantially less. That’s just how it is. If there are a dozen apples and I have 9, the other person necessarily only has 3. If we all agree that 3 apples is too few to live (in this hypothetical world), instead of arguing about how 3Apples PROBABLY didn’t do as much as you, (pointing out each thing you did and assigning maximum value to that task and diminishing anything they did or survived), and anyway you just can’t be expected to give up any of your apples now that you’ve got them, and how maybe God just endowed you with the majority of the apples for a reason, did you ever think of that? Instead, think about how much of an asshole you are for hoarding the apples at the expense of someone else. Instead think about how 9 apples is too many apples for one person. Think about how you would cope with having less than it takes to live. Think about how at some point, 3Apples has no choice but to steal your apples just to live. Think about how even if you were swimming in goddamn apples, that isn’t going to help you with the ultimate challenge of actually enjoying your life. The void in your soul is not apple-shaped. And in fact, challenging yourself and having goals you can meet and focusing your mind on them is what brings enjoyment. Sitting on a pile of apples is the opposite of that.

I don’t know how else to persuade anyone. To me this is obvious. Should we raise taxes so people don’t die? Um yes, absolutely. How could I make another choice? How could I be so selfish? I don’t deserve to have new plastic bullshit whenever I want. I don’t deserve to take a 20 minute hot shower every day. I don’t deserve several guest rooms, just in case. Not when other people can’t afford to get migraine medicine or insulin shots or friggin’ shelter from the weather! These are suicidal illusions that we’ve perpetuated because it feels good now if you’re on the abundant side of the spectrum.

Do we want to live in a world in which some people arbitrarily hoard everything? Because if you’re super rich right now, that might seem like your best bet. But money isn’t guaranteed. Your children could wind up totally broke for any number of reasons. Better to have made a world in which everyone can thrive, so if you or your progeny hit hard times, you can use that safety net to fall into. Better to leave a world in which people have something to lose, because otherwise you’re going to inevitably have a mob at your doorstep, ready to pillage your shit for their survival. The people whose lives you hedged for your own excessive material gain won’t die politely acknowledging that you “earned” so much and they just couldn’t cut it — they’re gonna come get it! They’re going to teach you some harsh reality.

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