lets not let love rule your life

Subjective it is.

In my case, i am referring to decision making whilst in relationship.

I am incapable to control my mind when i’m in a relationship.

Which leads to a toxic/ unhealthy relationship.

My actions would end up not being decided by me.

Now i can say yes to what i want, without feeling pressured to do something for someone else. I can say no to things that i don’t want to go through the trouble for.

Love yourself before you love someone else. Ask yourself :

‘ Do you want to do it?’ if yes, is it to make someone happy or you genuinely feel happy for doing it. You can always try to appease someone else and make them happy but there will be no end to it. Might even end up as a chore or a responsibility to appease someone.

There has to be balance. Don’t be the one that is always saying yes and going along with the other party just so that they will not be upset.

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