Anger is an Emotion Not the Answer

This isn’t about the incident in McKinney or Ferguson or NYC. This isn’t about the vile, bottom feeding hatred that is racism.

This is about anger.

The anger that rises like an internal, uncaged heat within you when you are treated as nothing more than a rabid dog or, more importantly, when you view someone as nothing more than a sub human.

Something beneath you.

You see, it’s so easy to just feel and be angry.

To lash out at those you disagree agree with-whether it be in self-defense or vitriol.

I am angry.

Angry that some people are so simple minded they seek to exert power over others through the vilest form of degradation. Angry that whenever a hint of racial tension appears people, more often than not, retreat to their corners as if they must blindly stand guard for “their people”.

Angry that Black, Latin, Muslim, Jewish & Asian men & women are often reduced to nothing more than a label. A label with preset adjectives and facts that, if you dare break that mold, you must be put back in your place.

But anger in its rawest form is just that.

Raw and wild.

While it may be warranted that anger must be channeled, otherwise it will envelope you like a cancerous cyclone infecting & affecting your life.

Left untreated it can seep into your bones becoming something far worse- terminal, inflexible bitterness.

That anger that you feel, the anger that makes you want to stand up and fight may be real & valid but on its own it solves nothing. What’s more the other side, the instigators teaching you your place, are waiting & watching.

Waiting to see you lose control so they can validate their words and actions.

As someone who stands at the intersection of 3 races I have seen and heard just about everything from all sides.

I have been called a n***er, had shoes thrown at me, been kicked, slapped and punched.

Do I believe in karma? Without a doubt, yet my story is not a sob story.

I understood letting that pain permanently live within me would allow them to win. In time I also learned my success was a far sweeter (& healthier) revenge.

The behavior that comes with anger may feel satisfying in the moment but if you allow it to take over good things rarely come of it.

There is no enlightenment in name calling. There is no bridge building or lessons learned. Just a tail-chasing, cancerous whirlwind infecting us all.

I don’t know how to solve racism but I do know anger isn’t “it”.

Commit to yourself. Commit to your success- you will never regret it.

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