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See Rachel Here’s the Thing…

I have been watching your story unfold revealing layer after layer of “What/Huh/Noooo/Quuuooooi?”.

After all these years of scoffing at drivers who shamelessly rubberneck and people who watch the RHO of any city, I am watching your saga unfold with unbridled fascination.

You see, aesthetically I am probably what you dreamed of embodying which I can’t lie- it’s kind of a compliment but I just have one super simple question


From the wigs and the tanning to inferring an African American man, who isn’t even a distant relative, to be your father?

This has little, if nothing, to with advocating for the rights of African Americans because you’re intelligent enough to know you could have accomplished all of that by simply being yourself.

You attended Howard as yourself- a white student and yet I wonder if your desire to appear more African began in college, or even, high school. Some people are calling this a transracial story akin to Caitlyn, formerly Bruce, Jenner- for me, the jury is out on that theory.

You state that you identify as a black woman and again I have to ask, “Why?”. Literally.

I’m not mad- I just want to know.

In all honesty, I believe there is more to this story than we know. Your parents have been watching your evolution for quite some time and I feel for them. I feel for your sons who are watching their mom get dissected and chastised on national television.

I don’t think you’re malicious or are necessarily parading around in black face buuuut something is up. Whether you or not you tell us is entirely up to you but I think you should lay off the tanning and let your natural hair do its thing.

You’re lovely as you are.

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