Calling all gay men — women need you to speak up. Please read this.
Jonathan Best

Thank you!

This trans-cult — and it behaves exactly as any cult does — silencing dissent and shaming / shunning / ostracising / shouting down / accusing them of hatred while pouring their own derision on such folks — is insane.

This is not the behavior of a group looking to open minds and inform people of facts and truths.

This is simple barbarity and male pattern bullying and aggression under the lie that this is about trans people.

I doubt that these folks are trans in any real sense of that term as it has historically been used and what it really represents. These are posers and hangers-on who are jumping on an “edgy” social bandwagon for psycho-sexual thrills and attention — and power.

And it’s women and girls who are their victims.