The Revolution Got Be Televised

Bring your supplies for survival, get all you need
Bring all your cans of beer and your bottles of Jack D’s
Because you’ll not be able to skip to the stores 
Or visit your Night Pharmacists for some Speed
No, this show can neither be TiVo’d
Nor be rewinded or played in fast forward
The Revolution will be televised my brother!
The Revolution will be televised,

The Revolution Got Televised and was broadcasted live by
Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, Al-Misrya and all other Al-Satellite Enterprises
Instantly replayed on BBC, CNN Fox, Vice, MTV and CBNBC
The Revolution is brought to you by Google, 
The Revolution is talked about as a never-ending trending
Hashtag #Fuckyou

The Revolution Will Show You Obama, sailing between Skylla and Charybdis
While blowing the world a long kiss goodnight to sleep.

The Revolution Will Display The Once Fat, Dastardly Demi-Gods 
As Weak and Mortal Beings

The Revolution Made You Look Better 
Because The Revolution Made Your Vocabulary More Eloquent.
Because The Revolution Made You Look 10 Pounds lighter
Because The Revolution Added Sex Appeal To Your Mouth
On your Instagram account.
And when the Dictator toppled and tumbled off the throne
You tumbled and tweeted along
*Try Following That*

The Revolution Went Viral
It took the squares, the streets, the banks and even the public toilet
was occupied

The Revolution Could Be Liked &Followed by the click of a button
The Revolution got filters to instasnappadly get hipstamatacized
The Revolution wasn’t held back by bread & circuses

It became one.

The Status Quo Needs To Be Challenged.
Broken, Torn, Raped, Murdered, Humilitated, Decapitated
Because the Revolution Got Televised My Brother
Televised, Televised, Televised, TELEVISED

The Revolution got Televised My Brother!
The Revolution Got Televised Live.

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