Bitdefender error 1011

More George
Nov 22, 2019 · 2 min read

Around the Bitdefender 1011 error.

Bitdefender Error 1011 occurs when the endpoint does not reach the designated update server due to timeout, which also corresponds to the timeout of this shutdown. This error can also appear on the Windows screen when the update server is offline and the host interface is closed on another port 7074. This error needs to be repaired immediately because it can persist for a very long time, which can cause many different problems technical problems in your life. In this guide, we’ll cover the main causes, symptoms, and many important procedures for fixing the Bitdefender 1011 error.

Your computer often stinks with 1011 errors while executing the same program.

Your personal computer “hangs” from time to time for a few seconds.

All of these Bitdefender Error 1011 error messages can appear during application installation, when a Bitdefender-related application (e.g. Bitdefender Total Security) is running, which can start or stop Windows or perhaps through the configuration of the Windows operating system. Tracking where and when the -1011 error occurs is necessary information to resolve the problem.

Causes of Bitdefender Error 1011

There are tons of annoying elements that are largely responsible for the error, namely:

The most important reason for technical error code 1011 is the offline status of the update server.

When the update server interface stops on ports 7074, it may cause this error on the Windows screen.

This problem may occur if the endpoint cannot reach the system location of the update server.

How to fix Bitdefender error 1011?

Method 1: Check that the update server is running and operating easily

Check that the epupdateserver.exe file is working correctly when the update server is a relay.

Otherwise, you can certainly do it manually by professional services

Try restarting the update server support using Sudo service control. Arrak is restarted if the host is in the Gravity Zone or even on Linux Relay.

Method 2: Confirm that the host at the endpoint

You must check if you can ping the update server on the endpoint using the control as the 7074 update_IP servers.

Method 3: Check Port 7074

Verify that the 7074 socket is accessible from the terminal by using the telnet command as telnet 7074 tel_update servers

Open the interface if it is closed on the update server

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