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Jack Coyne

It seems that you’re follow main stream media. I would recommend taking a look at independent media outlets like One America News News, Right Side Broadcasting, Dennis Michael Lynch, and listen to people like Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity.

Take a look at Clinton’s Cash, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LYRUOd_QoM, it’s only 60 minutes. If you do anything just watch it. It covers Haiti, Russia and the selling of Uranium, and many other things Clinton’s are connected to. The Clinton’s get an exuberant amount for a single speaking fee $500,000–$750,000 for one talk only lasting but 20 minutes. Who paid these fees, and why? It’s unheard of.

With the emails, why would you operate a personal server when the government provides email accounts and the best security money can buy? (i.e. with your money) And when highly sensitive data is being sent and received? Her server was less secure than Gmail. The keyword is “personal, her personal server.” She destroyed cell phones a with a hammer? And who bleaches their hard drive when subpoenaed? Here is what Norton Security says about bleaching “ Bleaching ensures that your previously deleted files are unrecoverable from your computer.”

The Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom has described Comey’s decision as “nonsensical,” adding that he had “talked to two prosecutors today actually that would take that case in a heartbeat.”

All this isn’t adding up.

As for Trump not helping anyone, check out:

After Every Airline Refused To Fly This Dying Boy, Donald Trump Stepped In

Former Miss Wisconsin: Trump supported my family

and more here on reddit, read the first comment for a list of more examples.

Donald Trump Lets Victims Of Illegal Immigration Speak Out

There is so much the main stream will not share. Please take the time with an open mind to check out the links above. At least see what the other side is seeing. It only takes a few minutes to educate yourself so you know both sides of the story. Thank You.

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