Chains of Freedom

This takes place in 1623 on a ship named the “Gaetan Hercule.” The whites were putting the slaves at the bottom of the boat. It’s a very malodorous boat, the wood was ugly and has the smell of the unwashed people. You could hear the waves hitting against the boat, as well as the slaves screaming for mercy asking to liberate them by killing them. You could hear the ship creaking when the waves of the ocean move the ship from side to side. The taste was very unpleasant. You can taste the air at the bottom of the ship tasting like urine and feces in your mouth. The last thing the slave called Abu sees before the whites place him under the boat is that they were getting closer and closer to land.

One morning on the ship a white man named Leonard Edric, he is the best ally of the Captain called Antelmo Fortunato however, Leonard yelled to the slaves

“GOOOOD MORNING SLEEPING BEAUTIES!!!” He yelled as he chuckled

“Wake up people and HURRY UP AND EAT! You guys have a significant amount of work to do hahaha AAHAHA!” His evil laughter worried the slaves. He was very rude when giving the food to the slaves as if they were dogs and if their food fell on the floor where the feces and the urine was they were forced to eat it off the ground as a way of torture towards them.

“You slaves are useless I don’t know why we had to gather you people.” When the captains ally got to a slave that has been bought and sold many times, his African name was Abubakar Wickaninnish the name his first master gave him that now was his permanent name was Dionisio Vidal anyways, when he got to Abu (Abubakar) Leonard offered him food and he rejected the food. The food looked good as he tried not looking at the food and he rejected it but you know what they say “Every decision has a consequence.”

Leonard screamed all the way to the top of his lungs saying.

Definition of flog: beat (someone) with a whip or stick as punishment or torture.

“You… Will… Be…FLOGGED!!! Don’t doubt it tomorrow when we get to land ughhh you people get me nauseous.” The time the white man felt bilious. Abu hasn’t been doing anything as you may think he hasn’t been talking for a reason. Why he has been staying quiet was for the reason of his plan for escape. The next morning they had gotten to their destination as they were taking the slaves out of the ship he said.

“Unchain him” his ally responded

“Yes sir” and when you least expect it once the chains were off from Abu’s body he kicked the white men and ran as fast as he could.

“I have got to find a way out of here gosh” and Abu has been way far from the location he had been, he thought he was going the right way to Africa but he wasn’t and eventually, he was going getting closer and closer to his death and he was very dehydrated. He saw a village full with lights like if an angel was coming from the sky with a shine of heaven in his mind he thought it was a sign of being saved. He didn’t know that it was full of whites and if they saw him his life was going to be over. When he was walking on his last step he got speared and died before his eyes blinked and there while he was on the boundaries of the whites they all got together and stared at him as if they have never seen an African before.

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