Guide To Lead Generation: 11 Hacks To Generate More Mortgage Brokerage Leads

When it comes to acquiring new clients, mortgage brokerages always have a lot of competition to deal with. Even the top most brokers often face a challenge in reaching out to the right target market to engage and acquire the right clients. That’s where learning the art of lead generation comes in and there are a few tactics that always work!

Lead generation refers to the process of reaching out to your ideal customer personas and collecting their contact information, which can be used to convert them into sales. Simply put, these are people who are your potential clients.

But where do you begin?

There are a number of lead generation tactics that you can make use of. So we decided to share the most tried and tested ones with you, that you can get started on immediately.

Mortgage brokerage lead generation tactics

1. Create a unique value proposition

You’re already battling hundreds of mortgage brokerages when it comes to getting the attention of consumers. The only way to stand out from those that come with big advertising budgets, is a unique value proposition. This could be absolutely anything that sets you apart from all the others in the market.

For example, mortgage seekers are often worried about transparency and not being able to keep up with the brokerage agent. Using a tagline that reassures how you focus on ‘customer first’ is a good way to start the relationship with trust. To further better the conversions, create a niche for yourself — like being an expert at <mortgage type>.

2. Get your own digital portal

According to a survey, 76% of mortgage consumers, conducted their research online. The one hack to generate more leads, is to be present online in a way that none of your competitors are!

Getting yourself a digital portal sets you apart by positioning you as a consumer first and technology savvy company. Which means, you offer an easier and a faster way to apply for mortgage loans to your consumers.

Now Moregidge enables exactly this. It allows brokers and agents to seamlessly connect with realtors and clients through a digital platform. This platform is a 100% customizable as per the brokerages niche and brand in the market, leading to 10X more leads than using just a landing page.

3. Leverage social proof

When it comes to acquiring more leads and customers, nothing works better than referrals. In fact, 92% of people tend to trust recommendations from friends and family, more than advertisements or any outbound campaign.

This is where you need social proof to work for you.

By including trust elements on your digital profiles and portal, like customer testimonials, the awards that you have won, where you have been featured, pictures from recently closed deals, etc. For example, the Australian Lending & Investment website has both:

4. Make use of lead magnets

Another hack that top mortgage brokers and brokerages make use of, is creating a compelling lead magnet. This could actually be educational blogs, webinars, ebooks and other content formats that are focused on sharing knowledge with the consumer or offering a free tool like the ‘mortgage calculator.’

The idea is to offer value to the consumer, before nudging them to become a client for your brokerage.

For example, a simple calculator like this can go a long way in helping the consumer decide on reaching out to you for help — all without being too pushy about it.


5. Focus on consumer education

Apart from blogs and other written formats of sharing knowledge with your consumers, experiment with short videos as well. It is a faster and a more engaging way to get your point across to the customer and at the same time, educate him with something valuable that might come handy while applying for a mortgage loan or repaying it.

For instance, you can actually create a short video on how to complete a mortgage application to guarantee it gets accepted. The visual serves as a step by step guide for the consumer, making him trust your brokerage for sharing great information.

The better reputation you have, the more subscribers and leads you get.

6. Bring on the experts

One of the easiest ways to gain the consumer’s trust, is to present them with a face that they already recognise. While this might take some time to execute, plan your lead generation campaigns with real estate, investment and banking experts in the industry.

These short videos or interviews can be used on your mortgage brokerage website, on social media, in ad campaigns or even on your very own YouTube channel. They’re great trust builders when it comes to grabbing the consumer’s attention and nudging them to engage with you.

7. Social media communities and groups

Ever seen the ‘put me in touch’ groups on Facebook, for instance? The group is focused on connecting people in specific areas, enabling them to help each other out. The members often post queries or ask for suggestions from the others on these channels. That’s exactly where you want to be, to join in on the conversation.

Becoming a part of these groups and communities, can help you keep a tab on what people are talking about, what they are seeking and timely jump in to offer your services.

However, it is important that you spam none of the conversation threads on these groups. You will lose your brand value in no time if you don’t respect the little rules set by its members. Pitching your mortgage brokerage from a personal account is a smarter way of being accepted!

8. Experiment with quizzes

According to ConversionXL, interactive quizzes are a great way to generate more leads online. Why this technique works, is because no one wants to share their contact details immediately.

For instance, if you’re planning to buy a house 5 months down the line, your research on mortgage brokerages would begin today. But you certainly don’t want to be spammed by agents all the time in the process. You either just take note of the brokerage or follow them on social media instead of sharing even your email address!

A good example of an interactive quiz would be: Do I qualify for a mortgage loan?

In this quiz, you can ask the consumer to answer a few questions. Their answers would not just let them know if they’re eligible for the loan, but also qualify the lead for you.

9. Encourage social sharing

When you’re focusing on sharing so much information with your potential customers, why not also enable social sharing so that they can let their friends and family know too?

These are just simple buttons powered by tools like that you can install on your blog. While this doesn’t get direct leads into your pipeline, the shares definitely get you a lot more word of mouth promotion — which can lead to reaching the right customer at the right time and turning them into a lead.

10. Invest in guest blogging

Chances are that there are not too many readers on your blog. In order to reach out to your target audience faster, consider contributing informative posts to sites that they regularly follow. This will bring you in their attention much faster and at the same time, also help you get positioned as someone who is reliable in the mortgage industry.

For example, a post on the types of mortgages available, can be contributed to a popular site that talks about personal investments and savings. All you need to ensure, is that you’re sharing valuable content and are establishing great relations with the editor of that site, and their audience.

11. Social media and search advertising

Over 80% of your target consumers are present on at least 2 or more social media platforms. This is where they engage with content on a day to day business, seek recommendations and do a part of their mortgage research (looking for brokers and lenders).

Making use of social media advertising on channels like Facebook and Instagram, can be very effective. All you need to make sure of, is that you’re using a compelling copy that nudges the consumers to act. You could also offer free mortgage consultations to gain the trust of the market you’re targeting.


Similarly, you can run ads on the search engine to encourage people to call your brokerage directly.

Getting started

There are hundreds of lead generation tactics that most mortgage brokerages feel are used only for B2B businesses. But the truth is, that the consumer market and behaviour is similar across industries — you just need to understand who your customer is, where they are the most active and what they’re looking for.

But the first step to generating more leads is joining the bandwagon of digital-first businesses and getting a competitive edge over other brokerages.

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