How to Move Forward When You Feel Stuck

We’ve all heard the saying, “Dream big.” We are told to shoot for the stars, and that anything is possible, yet many of us don’t set larger goals that are so big they seem impossible. We all want to achieve greatness and change the world, but many of us are afraid to say it.

This is something that I am guilty of, as well. I have my sights set high, and I want to change the world. My goals are very specific, but I have been hesitant to voice them because of the same reasons that we all don’t voice our dreams.

We are afraid of being judged for how big our dreams are. We are afraid that they are so large and impossible that others will look at us like we are crazy and delusional.

We are afraid that we will fail and prove everyone right. That we won’t be able to succeed, that it will somehow make us less of a person; it will make us a failure.

I’ve had this obsession with the goal of erasing obesity and diabetes. It is a really big dream of mine that for a long time I have been afraid to voice because I have been afraid of failing. It is a giant issue to take on, but I realized recently that even if I achieve that goal, it doesn’t make me a failure. If I put that dream out there and fail, that is ok. Even if I put that out there and my goals change down the road, that is ok. I’m not a failure. I am only a failure if I don’t try. I am only a failure if I don’t continue to push the boundaries.

“Shoot for the starts, and you’ll at least hit the moon.” — T. Harv Eker

Let me give you an example.

Recently I saw the viral video of the turtle with a straw being removed from its nose. The video was powerful, and you could see the pain it had caused the turtle. It was a hard video to watch. This is a video that has been circulating the internet for a while now, but it is one that really had an impact on me.

Ever since I saw it, I have refused to use plastic straws.

I know that by not using plastic straws, I alone am not solving the problem. I know that it may not make a difference and that this isn’t the only issue that needs to be addressed, but it was an issue that I was made aware of in a new way, and I made a choice not to be part of the problem.

By not using plastic straws, I am less of the problem, and in some ways, I can make an impact. Environmentally, the impact may be slim to none, but personally, I know that I am gaining new awareness and taking on better habits. I am impacting my kids. I know that if I do the right thing, they will too and maybe as they grow they will think twice about the products they use and the impact their actions have on others.

Although the bigger idea is that if enough people stop using plastic and we all become more responsible environmentally, then we can change the world and start to clean up the trash. Individually, my contribution is small, but the impact I can have on individual lives is just as big as the impact I can have on someone’s life when it comes to helping them lose weight and avoiding diabetes, even if I never reach my big dream.

How to Gain More Awareness — This is a Must!

The goal should always be to better yourself and those around you. As you grow as a person and gain new awareness, you can begin to impact the lives of others in a positive way.

But how do you gain new awareness?

You gain new awareness by having new experiences, reading more books, talking to new people, watching more videos, and taking in as much new information as you possibly can. The more exposure you have to things are new, the more awareness you gain about yourself and the world around you.

When you have more awareness, you also place yourself in a better position to reach any goals that you set. When you bring in more awareness around the major pillars in your life (health, wealth, and relationships), you can learn how to be more successful and take yourself to the next level.

Ask yourself…

What awareness do you have about your health at this moment? Where are you at and where do you want to go? If you’re going to get healthier, you need the awareness that you will need to understand food better how it makes you feel. Understand why you crave the foods you do and the emotional relationship you have with the foods you eat.

What about the awareness you have with your finances? Are you in control? Are you in debt and spending tomorrow’s money today? What can you do daily to move yourself to a better situation? Does that mean getting a new job or learning new skills? How can you get there?

Finally, what is your awareness around your relationships? Are you putting in the work that the people in your life deserve? What can you do to make the lives of the people you care about better? What do they need from you that perhaps you could work on?

Whatever your goals and dreams are you, need to have awareness, and that awareness needs to be growing continually. Don’t be afraid to voice your dreams, no matter how big they are. If you have giant dreams like me, that is ok. Say it and work on it because even if you don’t succeed, you will impact the lives of the individuals, you come in contact with.

Keep learning; keep growing; keep impacting.



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