How the Internet Gave Mail-Order Brides the Power
Meredith Talusan

This article is absolutely shameful and appalling to me as a financially independent and empowered Filipino woman. Not only is it condescending, it paints a picture of the whole female population of the Philippines as basically gold-diggers. There should be a disclaimer touching on how this covers just a particular sector of women in the Philippines, and referring to them as ‘Filipina women looking for foreign husbands’ is not enough!

Take this sentence “The act signals both a foreign man’s ability to provide and his generosity, qualities that *Filipina women* consider highly valuable.” — the term ‘Filipina women’ is loosely used and becomes a sweeping generalisation painting 50 million people as poverty-stricken maneaters who are pinning all their hopes on foreign males (aka dirty old white men) to raise their lots in life. It’s an absolute disservice to the rest of Filipino women who have to fight this stereotype every single day.

Read from the words of an actual Filipina rather than from someone who prefers to resort to pigeon-holing:

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