Release your internal users from non-added value tasks

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A typical life cycle toward profit

As Simon Sinek would say, let’s “start with Why” and remind ourselves that the main goal of a private company is to generate profit to repay investors. To reach profitability, a company mostly goes through 3 phases : Launch / Growth / Maturity.

In the case of a typical innovative tech company, the main achievements of these phases are as follow:

  • Launch: Build-up a team, identify a key problem to solve, develop a first MVP (Minimal Viable Product).
    At this stage, you have just signed with your first client and generated revenue.
  • Growth: Structure your team, ensure your solution is scalable, widely promote your lovable product, climb the AARRR ladder.

Operational Research and optimization with Python

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Matching customer needs with the most relevant suppliers is crucial in many industries. This is particularly true for platforms which put in touch independent workers with clients. Companies like Uber or Lyft put in a lot of efforts to efficiently match drivers with riders. This is key for user satisfaction on both sides.

But what is the secret behind such a complex problem ? Let me answer this question by presenting you a simple yet elegant solution I have implemented from scratch.

Keep scalability in mind

When it comes to matching, it all goes down to optimization. The main goal of any matching algorithm will be to find the best combination leading to the overall lowest cost, highest client value or smallest environmental impact. …


Fabien Moreno

Product / Data / Performance

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