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“What’s my purpose?” isn’t one of them.

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Most people have no idea what their life is about. Ask a random person and they’ll give you the deer in headlights stare.

Purpose is essential for your wellbeing. Without it, you feel like you aren’t complete. People deal with this void in different ways, but distraction ranks high on the list of coping mechanisms. The famous soccer player Paul Gasgoine resorted to alcoholism after his career ended and he couldn’t find a new purpose. Getting wasted might numb the pain, but it will never fill the hole.

Your coping mechanisms might be less drastic, but that doesn’t make them any better. You keep your drinking to the weekends, but life still drips out from you, one blackout and Netflix episode at a time. …

You don’t find yourself, you create yourself.

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If two years ago someone had asked me about what to do with his life, I would’ve laughed, expressed my sincere condolences, and offered to take him to the local strip club. …

Action is what counts.

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Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

Everybody wants a fulfilling and healthy relationship, but most people don’t know what it takes to build one.

I’m no relationship guru. I’m just a normal guy whose relationships failed often enough to ask myself why and what I could do about it. Cheating, lying, and ugly break-ups — some of them were more toxic than a box jellyfish.

Like you, I just wanted some mutual understanding and appreciation, few conflicts, banging sex, and lots of love. Is that too much to ask for?

If you’re willing to do what it takes, it isn’t. But what makes the difference between a miserable couple with constant fights and a healthy relationship in which two people bring out the best in each other? …

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