Dear Lover,

(A follow-up to “Dear Future Lover,”)

Dear Lover,

I wrote a letter to you before you existed in my life explaining the type of woman I was at that time and the space I found my heart and mind existing in. I warned you about emotions I was exuding, emotions I was hiding, and how I was learning to accept change mentally and physically so that I could meet you more than half way when the universe decided we needed to come together. The time has come, and you’re finally here. We’re both present and I finally feel I’ve become more of the woman we both feel we’ve waited long enough to find.

You came into my life with a past I never dug too deep into because it should come as no surprise that I’ve come into yours with the exact same. Though we may have sinned differently, the bottom line is we’ve sinned period, and I’d be foolish to jeopardize our love over situations I can’t change and people I’ll never meet. I’m choosing to love you for the person you are now and the growth you’ve made from it all. I understand that you weren’t always the person I know today, and that intrigues me more than it could ever intimidate me.

See, I made this promise to pace myself so that I would be able to enjoy you — all of you. The good, the bad, and every moment in between. You challenge me keep that promise and be a better woman. A stronger woman. A more patient woman but at the same time, you also challenge me to keep going and work harder by watching you work on yourself and your craft each and everyday. Some days are definitely harder than others but you still manage to pull through and be the person you promised to be when we decided to commit to one another. My favorite part about you, about us, is we don’t hold each other back nor do we try to “change each other.” We have an understanding that we are not here to mold each other into who WE want the other to be. Instead we are here and present to help make each other better versions of ourselves.

For someone who is naturally very guarded with my feelings, I’ve allowed myself to be more vulnerable with you, and with that vulnerability came trust. Trust that we can build together and be a team because we both know what it feels like to be individuals struggling to find ourselves. Coming into this we knew we owed nothing to each other, but instead we owed it to ourselves to be able to recognize and receive honest love. Now here we are. Not feeling obligated to love, but willing to love.

I thank you for working with me and being a motivator in my life. I thank you for finding the beauty in my flaws, and constantly reminding me that I am like no other and that is more of a blessing than a curse. Thank you for making it so easy to discover new reasons for wanting you in my life and consistently learning about why life is a lot more fun with you in it. You are more than I could have asked for and more than I ever imagined I deserved.

My dear lover, you are appreciated.

  • Marina
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