Being a remote product designer at Buffer is a very productive way to work. But to be successful at it there are core skills that need to be developed.

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When I made the jump to remote design work at Buffer I had no idea how it would work out. I was so used to face-to-face meetings, having design explorations all over the wall and daily stand-ups with the team. Design is a collaborative process, so how could I possibly do this remotely? …

Some of you may of been following my progress with the Gumroad Small Product Lab ten day challenge. It’s been quite a journey but I can stand proud and say that I did it, and launched my first product.

Ten days is not a long time to create, ship and sell a product completely from scratch, especially when you work full time — but it is doable. This isn’t a post about statistics and money (in all honesty, there isn’t much of either) but on how launching a product can make you feel.

There is a huge difference between day…

So I’m five days into the Small Product Lab challenge, which I wrote about here if you’re interested. Part of today’s assignment from Gumroad is to share my progress.

In the email I received today, Jessica Jalsevac shared a quote from the book Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. It’s a good one so I’ll share it again:

Almost all of the people I look up to and try to steal from today, regardless of their profession, have built sharing into their routine. These people aren’t schmoozing at cocktail parties; they’re too busy for that. They’re cranking away in their…

Though my full time job keeps me busy, I have a million and one ideas for startups, products and services that I will get round to making one day. But as the evenings and weekends endlessly roll by, whilst I chip away at one idea or another, nothing tangible ever seems to come from it. …

James Morris

A remote designer who codes. Senior product designer @Buffer, previously @SoundCloud. Sharing about product, design, coding and working remotely @moreofmorris.

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