Updated from the photo on my original post, — now with real boxes in hand. Still bearded (myself) & non-bearded (Cory).

You Own Our Product

I put together the initial product offering for Faithbox based on my own experiences — I wanted a product that would help people enrich their own faith, encourage them to do good things, and, at the same time, help them discover products from companies who have positive values. In essence, I wanted to help people have faith in Christ, themselves, humanity, and the companies they support.

We’ve now sent out our first boxes to a small, passionate group of people who believed in us early on, and we’re getting ready to launch our full site in the next week. From this point forward, Faithbox isn’t mine. It’s not Cory’s (our wonderful director of product). Faithbox is yours. It’s our members’.

What does this mean?

It means we want to hear your thoughts and feedback every month — the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’re here to make sure the product continually improves and delivers on our promise to help the Faithbox community enrich their faith in the most meaningful ways possible, but we can’t do that without our members — you are the heart of this story.

To show how much I care about taking your feedback to heart, my phone number is (434) 515–1117 and my email is williem@faithbox.com — call, text, or email me, anytime.

Let’s build something amazing.