Make Money: Don’t Raise Money
Gary Vaynerchuk

That’s what I see as well, people are celebrating when they get funding for their startups or get mentioned on several startup news sites. But in real business life they struggling with making any profit at all. Often they last thing you hear about them.

What I personally suggest to lots of people who are trying to start their first venture is to build something (maybe less sexy) in a small niche, that makes enough $$ to make a nice living from and can finance their next business. Than start something you might be more passionate about. Trying to build a huge service, app or what so ever that is used in the whole world, makes trillions of dollars is simply to big for 99.9% of people (me included 100%).

You can create a “simple” website and make 10k $ / month. (Still not easy but achievable) With 10k $ / month you gotta have a pretty decent lifestyle and you can still start this project that you ever wanted.

For sure not the only way, but a more realistic one, than that what most people are wishing for. May your dreams come true ;)