Desibhog | Truly Desi Food!

Dec 2 · 1 min read

Desibhog is one-stop destination for everyone who prefer home cooked Indian food over restaurant food.

We started Desibhog as an experiment in Dombivali, Mumbai and got an amazing feedback from our initial customers.

The food prepared at Desibhog is hygienic, healthy, freshly prepared and cooked with passion & love.

We take utmost care in making sure that the food we serve meet our customers greatest expectations while being affordable.

With recent feedbacks, we have added a new feature that we like to call ‘Subscriptions’. With flexible subscriptions, our customers can have a steady delivery of authentic home cooked Indian food as per their need. The ability to pause, restart and cancel subscriptions on the go is what makes Desibhog’s subscriptions special.

Need home cooked Indian food? Check us out:

Also, you can download our android app:

IOS App coming soon!

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