dRoute’s core is built with Cornell Professor Dr. Kevin Tang and Dr. Nithin Michael, who solved a high-profile multi-decade computer science challenge: the mathematical derivation of the characteristic equations governing all packet-switched networks. Using these equations, Drs. Tang and Michael were further able to implement a mathematically optimal distributed control system that could control packet-switched networks with a response time measured in milliseconds (the HALO algorithm).

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dRoute is the No-Compromise network- providing a global, fully autonomous and censorship resistant network for the decentralized world. The network is composed of 35 (and growing) points of presence (PoPs) distributed around the world with each PoP having 40Gbps+ of capacity and connected together using dRoute’s breakthrough routing solution, dRoute Network. …

We are taking on the internet! We are excited to announce that our 2019 study comparing the dRoute Network performance to the public internet is showing AMAZING results! In a nutshell- up to 99% improvement in latency variation and with incredible result in packet loss with No packet loss for majority cases and always < 1% packet loss!

The 2019 Public Internet vs. dRoute Network Performance Comparison was designed to reveal and quantify any meaningful performance differences between public Internet and decentralized networks such as dRoute in support of the most common blockchain scenarios.

Packet Loss-
Packet loss, whether from flipped bits or buffer overflows, and often complicated by latency issues, can slow throughput to a crawl. Among the 25 pairs with the biggest deviation of percentage of packets dropped using public Internet versus dRoute Network, the Internet experienced packet loss of greater than 1% in 7 instances, and some degree of packet loss in all instances. By contrast, dRoute Network experienced no packet loss for 15/25 pairs and next to nothing for the other pairs. Even a 0.5% packet loss makes the network unusable resulting in multiple retransmissions and network congestion. Such a high packet loss will result in the miners and validators losing their rewards. Moreover, high packet losses will also result in a much higher probability of forks. …

“Fortune 500 companies are where money is made. Purpose 500 companies are where money goes — because people like doing business with people who care about them.” Joey Reyman, The Story of Purpose

The book “The Story of Purpose” tells the story of the success of purposeful companies — why do purposeful companies reach the goal of making money? Because they are energized by creating for a real purpose and not just stuck in a cycle.

We know that at the end of the day a company’s goal is to make money. But as millennials (some in age and some in spirit) this just isn’t enough for us, we seek more, we want to have a good impact on the world . …

Try to imagine yourself driving a Lamborghini… Where are you driving? Probably on some no speed limit road with the best view around! Have you ever thought about driving a Lamborghini on a congested road with a lot of other vehicles? You probably won’t enjoy this ride so much although you’re in a Lamborghini.
But how does this all connect to blockchain?!

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Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

Everyone in the blockchain space wants blockchain to scale, there is no doubt about that, and there are many ways to tackle this issue and try to solve it. We observed in 2017 that many blockchain projects were focused on creating next generation protocols / consensus algorithms or layer two off-chain and side-chain solutions trying to solve the fundamental scalability issues around low transactions per second. However, we realized that there was another fundamental bottleneck: the Internet itself, on top of which all blockchains run. If you take the analogy that any next generation blockchain protocol is a Lamborghini, then running that protocol on the internet would be equivalent to driving the Lamborghini on a bumpy road congested with other vehicles, broken and under repair in some areas, and with only one lane most of the time. Under those conditions the Lamborghini will not be able to achieve its full potential and speed. This is why we incubated dRoute to provide the “blockchain autobahn”, layer zero network backbone that enables any blockchain to reach its full potential. …

Where does scale lie?

While blockchain industry experts focus on improving existing protocols, off-chain mechanisms and inventing new consensus algorithms to solve the TPS (Transactions Per Second) issue, we believe that there is a fundamental lower layer of the technology stack that warrants more attention. Increasing transaction ledger sizes (Ethereum is above 1TB) exposes the real bottleneck in our distributed world: the underlying networking layer. If public / private DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) protocols are considered layer 1, the pure networking layer can be characterized as layer 0 that exists underneath blockchains.

dRoute is the mathematically optimal layer 0 network for the decentralized world. A global, high-performant, fully autonomous and censorship resistant Internet-alternative network. …

It is no secret that blockchain is the technology that will be changing our not-so-distant future, whether in real estate, banking, politics or any other major industry ( see Forbes list of top 10 industries blockchain is going to disrupt ), but the biggest question is- how is it going to scale?

We are DRoute, and we are the No-Compromise Network getting blockchain tech ready to move with the speed, security, and scale of tomorrow’s decentralized world.

DRoute is a turnkey global autonomous backbone that energizes all consensus protocols with blocks propagating at the theoretically fastest speed, without sacrificing decentralization, anonymity or security. At its core, DRoute is driven by a Cornell University packet network control breakthrough, implemented by MIT technologists, and proven and embraced by global service providers and the National Science Foundation.

We are excited to have DRoute as a the network backbone of the blockchain era! DRoute your way to tomorrow’s decentralized world.

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DRoute- The No-Compromise network powering the decentralized world



dRoute gets blockchain ready for real world use, accelerating decentralisation, and restoring individual freedom and privacy for all.

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