dRoute’s core is built with Cornell Professor Dr. Kevin Tang and Dr. Nithin Michael, who solved a high-profile multi-decade computer science challenge: the mathematical derivation of the characteristic equations governing all packet-switched networks. Using these equations, Drs. Tang and Michael were further able to implement a mathematically optimal distributed control system that could control packet-switched networks with a response time measured in milliseconds (the HALO algorithm).

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dRoute is the No-Compromise network- providing a global, fully autonomous and censorship resistant network for the decentralized world. The network is composed of 35 (and growing) points of presence (PoPs) distributed around the world with each PoP having 40Gbps+ of capacity and connected together using dRoute’s breakthrough routing solution, dRoute Network. …



dRoute gets blockchain ready for real world use, accelerating decentralisation, and restoring individual freedom and privacy for all.

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