Dear House,

I was just going to write you a letter to tell you how thankful I am for you, because you do a lot for me and my family.

I am thankful that you have a roof so that we do not get snowed or rained on. You make sure that the rain doesn’t leak through our roof, and fall onto the floors and ruin things. I am thankful that you have a heater and air conditioning, so that we don’t freeze in the winter, or over heat in the summer. Another thing that I am thankful for, is that you have rooms for everyone in my house, so that I don’t have to share a room with one of my annoying siblings. I am thankful that you have a kitchen for me to make and eat lots of food in, because without food, I’d be dead. I’m thankful that you have doors with locks on them, so that no one can just come in our house without permission. All of the things that you do for us House, is truly amazing.

Some more things that I am thankful for about you House, is how beautiful you look. You are the direct opposite of ugly. You have so much character on the inside and out, plus you are the perfect shade of bluish-gray. The color combinations of each room is just amazing. And to mention the combinations of furniture and decorations inside of your rooms, are just incredible. Each room is like a different world. You have so many amazing characteristics that we all appreciate.

Wait. I know I am super thankful for you, but you are missing a few things. For example, like my room has no closet doors. By having some closet doors will make my room look even better than it does already. Another thing that I need from you, is some stair railings. Right now it’s a hazardous area without the railings, because I like almost fall every day! It’s okay though, they just might be a nice addition. Even without these things, I am still so incredibly thankful for all that you do for me, and my family.


Mea Coffman

Originally published at The MidMichigan Journal.