The Girl in the School Basement

My name is Kate and I’m dead.

When I was in high school three mean girls thought it would be funny to lure me into the basement of the school and then lock the door. I spent the rest of the school year inside the basement, living off of the carcasses of rats and the moisture that leaked out of the pipes. They never told anybody that I was down there, and my parents didn’t worry because I was supposed to move to Europe that semester as an exchange student.

As you can imagine it was a pretty horrible situation. I used the skills I learned in home economics to sew new clothes out of old potato sacks. My only source of entertainment came from a stack of old comic books I found hidden in a locker. I could only read them during the day when the sun shined through a crack in one of the walls. I hopeful that I would survive long enough to be freed, but then in March 1993 I found out the hard way that a creature of unspeakable horror was also living in the basement.

You see, one of the school’s former janitors had accidentally ingested a chemical stored by the biology department since the mid-80's. As a result he changed into an alligator man and hid inside the darkest corner of the school’s basement. When I least expected it, he attacked me and ate me.

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