Designers I work with often consider error messages in iOS as something obvious. Exactly — as UIAlertController.

Pre-installed Apple apps set this trend. Therefore interface designers consider this approach to be native and correct.

In this article, I will talk about the results from inappropriate use of UIAlertController. I will share my opinion about alternative ways to report errors to the user and the actual need for UIAlertController.

This article is for experienced users. This is why I don’t talk about what the user experience is and its interruption, how the average session length affects the app’s income, and why…

For the last five years I have been developing IT products together with the Apparat team for customers from Russia, Ukraine and the UK. We create high-quality applications that connect people and solve real problems: from finance to medicine.


This article is an assumption about how custom development agencies may change in the near future.

Current Problems of Development Agencies

In 2019, I spoke with more than 50 founders of various mobile startups. They always have the same story. They start with freelancers, but then move on to agencies. They do not feel any difference between them except the style of communication and prices. …

Every element in category “need” added only because of the rules of good taste. For example, you can publish the app with one screenshot, but common number of screenshots — 5.

All that is described here, concerns only the Application Page in App Store. In addition, You must have an Apple Developer Program account and completly filled agreements, taxes, and banking transactions for publication.


  1. App name (up to 30 symbols).
  2. Subtitle (up 30 symbols).
  3. A URL that links to your organization’s privacy policy. Privacy policies are required for apps that are Made for Kids or offer auto-renewable or free subscriptions…

Yaroslav Morgachev

iOS & macOS developer from Russia.

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