Looking for a mentor? How about a different one each month?

This week I was talking to a friend that mentioned she was looking for a mentor. The conversation that followed was:

Me: How did you find you needed a mentor in the first place?

She: I’ve always been good in seeing when I need help and in reaching out to them.

Me: That is great! Most people don’t even realize they need mentorship.

I think there is a period in our lives when we realize most things are about the people — e.g. a great workplace is about stunning collegues, good friends can have a huge impact in your life, a great company has a great leader behind it, etc.

When I left my job to start a company I quickly realized that I needed to step up my skills and network if I wanted to be successful. With that insight I made the committement to talk to a different person each month — a person I could learn from and help in taking things to the next step.

I’ve done that a number of times but never called it mentorship or mentoring — I guess I didn’t see the need to call it that.. but I have found this technique of constantly finding the best person and reaching out to them to be extremely valuable.

The challenge is you will need a mentor that is an expert in different areas along the way— a better strategy is to meet at least one different mentor each month. This model is in fact what most startup accellerators try to emulate for startups (setting up as much meetings as possible in the shortest span of time) but there isn’t anything preventing you from doing this yourself .

Don’t you find fascinating that anyone in the world is only one e-mail away from you? I find that most people that are successful are always open to a quick brain picking session and don’t mind handing out their advice.

Take a leap of faith and reach out to someone that inspires you and ask for advice. After that collect feedback and next month repeat. This is a very simple thing that you can start doing right away and that has the potential to impact every area of your life.