I have admired Bernie Sanders for years and I am thrilled he is running and has managed to do so…
Denise Blevins

Here’s the thing ; Hillary made a big deal in the media about how bad Bernie supporters have been with her supporters , and in an interview with Rachel Maddow went on about how we Bernie people are now going after any reporters who support her. I was very relieved when Maddow stopped her and said, (and I am paraphrasing somwhat): “yes, but as one of those reporters you should know I get it 50/50; Half are Bernie supporters giving me a hard time for being biased toward you and your supporters yell at me for being biased for Bernie. I get it half and half.”

Hillary didn’t say a word. 
But she kept playing it up after that interview as though it was a one way street…enough to inspire multiple articles about it. Meanwhile, I’m bending over backward to be respectful in discussing views and getting spat on…That is not easy. And I am not the only one. Yet I didn’t hear Bernie complaining on air about how her supporters have been abusive towards his. ANd when Bernie found out there was disrespect from some of his supporters toward hers -(it wasn’t anywhere as extensive as she made it out to be) he condemned it….which Hillary implicitly was demanding by publicizing it as she did. So again, being one of those people on the receiving end of something she was making political hay with — - in reverse, -projecting it all on Bernie…I don’t see any thing wrong with wanting her to be held to the same standard.

Of course you aren’t expected to hate Hillary. But try to understand where some of our anger is coming from; I used to like HRC/ Then I started getting curious what the anger was about as it was coming from some of the feminists I respect -so i started reading deeper and it changed my perspective on her. ALSO as an environmental activist, knowing what fracking is doing to women and children of color and lower income families that live near where those projects are happening… — something she has played a huge role in expanding… I can’t fathom how she can still be supporting it in good conscience! And frankly, I am at a point of disgust over how much she has been mischaracterizing Bernie —Its infuriating because I sincerely see Bernie as the one chance we have at meaningful change for the better. As the one not beholden to fossil fuel interests in any way -and given his environmental record (which has been better than Hillary’s_)he is the most likely candidate who could initiate the level of action we really need to stave off the worst of climate change… (it doesnt matter how many renewable jobs she creates if she keeps supporting expanding fracking we wont be able to get GHG low enough to keep the planet habitable) and if he doesnt get elected because of falsehoods she promotes, well….these are mighty high stakes we are talking about . And why I take this so seriously

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