5 Unique Mommy Blogs You Need To Know About

When it comes to mommy blogs that offer parenting advice, there are tons out there. Everywhere you turn, it seems like someone is giving their opinion on how to parent your kid. Sometimes it can be frustrating but other times it is welcomed- especially when you are looking for an answer to a parental question that you don’t yet have.

So, how do you sift through the information highway to find credible and welcomed mommy blogs and advice articles when you really need a leg up on this parenting thing? How do you know what to look for when things feel overwhelming? By reading this post, that’s how! I have done the leg work and am bringing you 5 unique parenting blogs— fully vetted and thoroughly read. Here’s what I’ve found:

Family Focus Blog

Family Focus is a Michigan based blog by a Nashville born mom that talks about all things family and also has a green mom blog section. Like most of the blogs I will be talking about here, I love that this blog started as a woman wanting to share her parenting experiences and began blogging as a creative outlet. The blog has since grown into a massive resource for all things family oriented and now has multiple contributors, which to me is great because I enjoy reading multiple perspectives and points of view. This blog’s platform is based on the notion that parenting is a constantly evolving practice and that parents need a place to come together to feel supported and inspired. I would definitely give this one a read for people looking for an interesting and helpful blog.

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

This New Mexico mom of 4 started a parenting blog which later expanded into more of a lifestyle blog. I love that Jenn and her contributors don’t just blog about parenting but also talk about a variety of topics from marriage, relationships, travel, recipes and more! There is always a family-orientated twist but this blog gets it: women who are moms are also still women who have a variety of interests and family centered goals. I also love the tone of this blog: Jenn has opinions and is not afraid to express them. She doesn’t sugar coat anything and her blunt but caring way of writing is a dose of the refreshing in a cyber world full of fluffy BS. If a self-proclaimed smart mouth and opinionated but loving blog sounds like your cup of tea, I would definitely give it a read.

Embrace The Chaos

This Canadian blogger talks about current issues through the eyes of a parent. What I really love about this blog is that she talks a lot about food (a topic I really enjoy as I love to cook) in the context of parenting and being a mom. She also has a book called Whining and Dining: Mealtime Survival for Picky Eaters and Families Who Love Them and like this blog, talks a lot about how to feed your kids healthy and yummy food when they are selective, to say the least. Her writing is conversational but also rich in tone and is often really funny! You can tell this mama is well educated and can speak to a number of topics (but also doesn’t shy away from talking about celebrities and the latest mommy gossip). Definitely a great read for the parent who loves reading about kids, food and lifestyle-related current events.

The Mogul Mom

If you’re an entrepreneur and want to know how to run a business while still being a dedicated mom, then this blog is for you. This blog is a little different than your average mommy blog but a great resource for mompreneurers who really want to have it all: a stunning career, well-adjusted children and a loving family life. This blog offers in-depth articles by other successful mompreneurers who offer valuable insight into business, family and life. It is geared at helping you live your best life at home and at work. The blog also features opportunities to be a guest author and be able to share your own success stories as a working-mama. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a mom who also owns a business and wants to rock it all!

Scary Mommy

Once a typical mommy blog, has now evolved into a media brand with one of the largest Facebook following in blog history. Founded by Jill Smolker, and originally only written by her, this blog now features multiple contributors and editorial stuff. It is massive — but it doesn’t seem to take away from the value this blog offers in terms of parenting advice with a funny but meaningful tone. I love that this blog is not afraid to put everything out there: the good the bad and the ugly of parenting. If you’re a “tell it like it is” person who’s not afraid to see things from every angle, this parenting blog is definitely for you!

There you have it: 5 great mommy blogs! I chose blogs to suit a variety of different niches, needs and lifestyles to represent parenting diversity. But regardless of your lifestyle or parenting techniques, these blogs touch on multiple interests and are worth checking out. Read-on, mommy, read on!