• Pele van Anholt

    Pele van Anholt

  • Carley Marston

    Carley Marston

    I am a Knitter and Crocheter. I am attempting to Knit and Crochet all the patterns in the Stitch and Bitch books. Otherwise I am a total Disney Geek.

  • Cole Miller

    Cole Miller

    I’m Studying Biomedical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. I have ideas spanning many subjects and opinions for the others.

  • chintan gandhi

    chintan gandhi

  • CBNT Official

    CBNT Official

    CBNT is a decentralized blog platform. Monetize your content and attention on https://web.cbnt.io/

  • Guido Baratta

    Guido Baratta

    45% American, 45% Italian, 10% Fish. Design Director, Digital Design Senior Manager at Accenture Interactive.

  • Deepti Pahwa

    Deepti Pahwa

    I was born to discover stories. Understand, Imagine, Create — lies at the heart of everything I do. I believe in sharing those stories to inspire communities

  • Adi Wallach

    Adi Wallach

    CEO and co-founder @DendroTechs (www.calmigo.com), mother of 4- three girls and a startup, NLP master, outdoor and aerobic sports lover.

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