Night Sky Still

Night sky still,
stars glowing.

White mist rises
from cold lips as
frankincense fire 

Coal conjuring
embraces eyes 
ablaze, urging.

Fresh milk spilling
at the altar to Lakshmi

cheeks flushed red
like crimson blood stains
white sheets like roses.

Oxygen gasps 
suffocating breath is-
goddess invoking.

Faust read aloud on 
the edges of heath and mercy
perplexity amidst
wind and fury.

Valleys of daydreams
and poorly written 
love letters left lingering
in silver encasements.

Portals of grace and moonlight
rain gushing forth and pouring.

Finding shelter
underneath trees outside
community centres,
sacred caves and armpits.

Vows uttered trembling
offerings left unwitting

demons pursuing 
unrelenting faces ashen.

Inquietude of hearts
and silent knowing
flesh left yearning
shoulders bitten
 and burning.

Separation is a scolding
knees calloused
and turning.

Moon waxes
crows shift shape
and caw.

Magic incessant and flowing
expectations vanquished
and growing.

Sprouts shooting
bellies pregnant and showing.

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