Woman Play the Game as the Men Get Paid.

The defending world champion, The United States Woman’s National Soccer Team (USWNT,) has grossed 20 million dollars for the club in revenue last year. Coming off there 5–2 World Cup victory in 2015 over Japan and winning an additional 2 million dollars in prize money. Well the Men’s national team (USMNT) lost 2 million dollars in revenue for the club and lost in the round of 16 in there World Cup run and were still payed 9 million dollars in additional prize money. “The largest part of the problem is that FIFA is a profoundly sexist organization,” says Smith College.

Over the course of 20 friendlies if the woman win everygame and then the men losse each game the men would still make more. The mens team will earn at least $5,000 for every additional contest they play over a 20-game baseline. The women receive no additional pay.

Hope solo Share with huffing post “In this day and age, it’s about equality,” Solo said. “It’s about equal rights. It’s about equal pay. We’re pushing for that. We believe now the time is right because we believe it’s our responsibility for women’s sports, and specifically for women’s soccer, to do whatever it takes to push for equal pay and equal rights. And to be treated with respect.”

Taking a Stand

In march five of the star players on USWNT filed a lawsuit over the validity of the team’s collective bargaining argument in the wage discrimination, they were calling for an investigation of what they believe to be U.S. Soccer’s discriminatory wage practices. The U.S district court judge said that the team was bound to an implied no-strike clause contained in there labor contract so this means that the team is not allowed to strike intill decmeber 2016. The team tryed to agreue that last offical labor contract expired in 2012 but each member side signed mutual understanding to extend the contract till Decmeber this year.

Alex Morgan one ot the star forwards on the USWNT tells NBC’s todays “Every single day we sacrifice just as much as the men. We work just as much, We endure just as much physically and emotionally. Our fans really do appreciate us every day for that. We saw that with the high of last summer. We’re really asking, and demanding now, that our federation, and our employer really, step up and appreciate us as well.”

Another big problem in profecal woman sports is equal playing condition. In the USMNT has played on perennial ryegrass fleids for over 2 years, when the USWNT has played artificial turf. Artificial turf is a synthetic fiber made to look like grass. This turf can cause injuries incluling Ankle Sprains, Concussions and Major Knee Injuries. Last year the USWNT traveled to Hawaii for the first time, to play a friendly match but if they played it would put them at risk for injuries. They could not take that chance so they decided not to play. The felids had rocks and dirt every where, and in some areas the artificial turf was actually pulling up out of the ground.

The playing conditions of the USWNT are puzzling when compared to the mens team. Both teams are over seen by USSF, the USMNT play on grass 100% of the time and the woman team plays only 60% if that on grass. Alex Morgan tells the Huffingtion post “I think the training grounds that we were given and the playing surface of the stadium were horrible, It’s hard because no one’s really going to protect us but ourselves. So we’re put in a very hard position because obviously we want to play in front of these fans and we want to train before the game but injuries happen when you don’t protect yourself and when you’re not protected from those higher up from you.”

It’s not only happening in soccer is is also happening in the WNBA. the highest paid player in the WNBA will make 1/5 of what the lowest paied NBA player will make. ESPN pays the WMBA 12 million dollors in annually for rights fees. This is less then 0.5% of what ESPN will pay the NBA. Diana Taurasi helped the Phoenix Mercury win there first ever League championship. She was an very dedicated and hard-working player and she was maid the WNBA’s maximum salary $107,500. And in the NBA Dinote Christmas played for only 198 minutes and he was payed the NBA minimum pay of $490,180.

Its also happenign in tennis, where men and woman play and compete along side one anthor in the same statiums around the world woman are still payed significantly less then there male pears. Last year Serrina Williams won $459,000 for defending title in the us open, when hours before Roger Ferderer won $731,000 in prize money. Woman in teenis are also payed significantly less then men in 5 other similar Premier 5 events around the world.

Pay gaps are not only in sports on average woman make 79 cents to the men’s dollar. Woman make up half of the work forces today, and if we countine growing at this rate in 59 year the woman’s dollor will equale the mens dollor. We have come a long way in womans equalitly but we still have a long way to go.

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