Life Feel Off + Chaotic ?

Maybe Fear Has the Best of You

If your debt is getting higher…
your waistline is getting wider…
your love life + bank account are both lacking… 
and your friends are sparse…

Guess what? You’re in a heavy state of FEAR!

When life feels chaotic or out of flow, it’s ALWAYS because we’re wallowing in a state of fear.

When we see the world through “fear-colored” glasses, we are unable to see or connect with those people and opportunities that would bring us joy, happiness, and meaningful success.

Why? Because those high-vibe opportunities are in an elevated place from where we are in that moment… and the only way to reach them is to elevate our thought-stream and energy to match where they are.

You can spend a day, months, or even years caught up in an ugly web of fear-based beliefs and ideas, that will make you miserable and add to your suffering. OR, you can get to the root of your fear, dance with it, let it know who’s “boss”, and heal it, so you can expand into the person you want to be.

If you’re not happy, in any area of your life, it’s because you’ve let fear overcome love in your beliefs about the situation. And if you want to reverse your suffering, you have to make love your priority.

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