Finding Yourself First

Imagine you’re in a room full of thousands of people. The rules are you are suppose to find someone you think has the same interests as you, someone you find attractive, someone you can go on vactions with, and someone you can just do life with.

Now imagine you’re so caught up in finding others you lose sight of yourself. You lose sight of what is really important… you lose sight in the fact that everyone — for the most part — isn’t worried about you. They are worried about finding their matches.

This is life. Everyday you meet people, you see people, you watch people, that are nothing but bystanders, but have no remberance of you.. why? because they are only worried about themselves.

therefore, FIND YOURSELF FIRST! Don’t be the person that gets so caught up in the world that at the end of the day the only reflection you’ve had, is that you feel as if you’ll never find those people.

FIND YOURSELF FIRST! Find who you are, and why you are. Find your likes and interest, along with your dislikes.

When you find yourself, those people…. they’ll fall into place.

it’s what finding yourself is all about

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