Morgan Cordell-Potter

Professor Vankirk

Eng 132

13 Feb. 2017


A lot of social interactions people make in the world today are via technology. There are rarely anymore face to face meetings or get-togethers. It starts with a text or comment or an “@” saying “miss you!” “how are you?” and it ends at that. The Twitter world or “Twitterverse” is the 4th most popular social media site on the web according to Google. Twitter is a place where

people can connect, communicate, and read about current events. Commonly used by young people. It’s similar to Facebook as well. Facebook is a social interaction website where people can connect, promote business/events, etc. Tweeting is posting a status, retweeting is sharing a status, favoriting a tweet is liking a status, following someone or something is being friends with someone on Facebook or liking a page on Facebook and @-ing someone is essentially for Twitter if you are trying to talk to someone via tweeting. Because it is used by mainly young people there is a lot of drama, inappropriate language and photos and much more inappropriate things. The criteria twitter needs to meet is the following: When people connect are they polite to each other? Is it used in the effective/polite way that Twitter was created for? Do people communicate maturely and respectfully?

If you’re a parent and reading this and considering to let your child get a Twitter account, I would take this paper into close consideration. I am reviewing Twitter as a teenager who has experienced the Twitterverse. Mainly just the negatives of Twitter honestly. I have never experienced Twitter as a positive, Facebook although I have. Later I will discussed the comparsion of Twitter and Facebook as well as other sites.

I used to have a Twitter. Technically speaking I still do have my account, but I have recently deleted the app off of my phone. Since I have done so my life hasn’t been so consumed by my phone. When I went onto the app usually the first thing I would see is naked girls, I do not follow those type of accounts, it would be other people, who I follow, who retweeted and favorited the original tweet. It was always disturbing and not polite to see these things. Not only was there naked people but some accounts would post videos and pictures of people who have been in fights beaten and bloody, and fights of people getting so badly beaten. Along with naked women and fights were also offensive things about random people. I never understood how such things were allowed to be on Twitter. How they were not reported and taken off. It seems to me that whoever is in charge of twitter doesn’t mind these things being put on their site, because kids are loving it and using it constantly. It is utterly disgusting the things that are put on Twitter and into the twitterverse.

Drama between teens also seems to be a common subject among the nakedness, fights and offensiveness. “Subtweets” or “subtweeting” is associated with Twitter, typically in a negative way. It means that one person is tweeting about another person or person’s tweet without actually @-ing them. It’s talking about somebody behind their back but just doing it on twitter, “subtweet”. This term causes the drama throughout Twitterverse and most of the time used for people who don’t have the guts to @ the person they are talking about. But some people do have the guts to @ the person. This also causing drama and offensive (unnecessary) terms towards people. I see Twitter as just being down right negative and offensive all the time. When talking about the younger generation and it’s use of Twitter it’s usually used for harsh reasons, to make fun of someone or to use offensive terms, etc. Even some of the older generation and famous people use Twitter harshly and offensive to others. Tweets that people decide to put out have costed them jobs, schools suspensions, and relationships from what they choose to say. It’s a shame to see twitter be used in such a wrong way. All of these are the many reasons why I choose to delete the app and write my review about. Here I have created a poll, “Do you like twitter? If yes, why? If no, why?” Please answer and submit.

Twitter can easily be compared to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media website used by major companies, executives and professionals. Even students use this site to better help the future of their career. This site is way more professional compared to Twitter. Not many businesses and major companies use Twitter like they use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is taken more seriously and used by people who take their professional lives seriously. Not saying that people who use Twitter are unprofessional but the content within Twitter can be unprofessional.

Twitter can also be compared to Facebook. There are a few similarities they both share but also many differences.

A few similarities are just the basic functions of the site earlier stated in the introduction. Both sites allow people to connect with other people and communicate their opinions to the world. Both sites can be harmful, harsh and offensive to people. An upside to Facebook is their ability to make a donation page. Someone can make a page entirely for an awareness or event of some kind. People can directly donate money to this page or cause without having to leave the page or site entirely and go to a whole another website and such. I think this is an awesome feature to have and makes Facebook a little bit more positive site and polite/effective way of fitting the criteria better than Twitter. On Twitter when tweeting you have only 140 characters to type. After those are up you can’t say anything more. You would have to tweet a entirely new tweet. With Facebook you have a unlimited amount of characters you are able to use. Giving people a better opportunity to voice their thoughts, feelings, or opinions with others. This could also give business owners the ability to advertise their business better than Twitter could allow. For example, they could write a post about how they need people to hire and explain what the job inquires, but Twitter there would not be enough room to do all of that. When putting pictures on Twitter you can only put four up at a time while on Facebook you can upload an entire album at once. With all these features Facebook has that Twitter doesn’t, will Twitter live much longer?

There are many positives and negatives of twitter. One source said “Twitter is an excellent source for news if you’re following reputable sources, however there are some negatives of Twitter,” (Everett).

The spreading of fake news is very common throughout twitter. It is easy to start following what seems to be the right person or news you want to follow but they are only a fake. When they are verified this does help determine whether they are the real ones or not. But not everyone is verified so in some cases this does get tricky and is hard to tell who is a reliable source or not.

According to Chris Everett who wrote this article believes there is also a positive to Twitter, “When used properly, Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for companies to keep potential and existing costumers up to date on their products and offers and for general public relations,” (Everett). “An obsession with everyone’s online goings-on, to the point where you neglect what’s happening in your own life right in front of you, can fuel feelings of isolation and self-doubt,” (Drexler). I strongly agree with this statement from the Huffington Post. People become so obsessed with what other people are doing with their life and just strive to be better or have as much as them causing them to fail or fail in their own relationships and life.

If it wasn’t too obvious before with all the ranting I have done, it is clear that twitter does not meet the criteria stated earlier. When people are communicating or connecting they are not nice to each other. Most people do not use it properly and in the correct moral way it was made to use. People do not seem to know how to communicate maturely and respectfully to one another. Twitter should receive a poor review by anyone if it is being reviewed on how it is used.

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