First, we have to return prisons and jails to the government for management and oversight, and take…
Jordan Bray

You didn’t answer my question. I am not arguing that our criminal justice system is good, or doesn’t need an overhaul.

But what % of our population should be in prison? You cannot work to improve something unless we can agree upon what the goal should be.

Also, I disagree that it is obvious that we need to return prison management to the government. Government is marginally better at providing regulation and oversight than it is in actually running institutions. If the cannot regulate a for profit prison system, what makes you think they can actually run one?

If my government was in the business of fueling a crack epidemic, and starting a war on drugs, then how are they not a worse choice for managing our prisons?

Also, how is our government NOT a for profit institution at this point?

Regardless of who runs our prisons, more transparency and accountability is needed to ensure it is done right. But again, if you cannot agree upon what is right, you cannot effectively start working towards change.

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