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Press release Paris, Wednesday October 7th 2020

Sport Heroes, founded in 2014 by Boris Pourreau, is having one success after another. With over 1.5 million users on its different platforms (Running Heroes, Cycling Heroes, Swimming Heroes, IRONMAN Virtual Club, United Heroes, Livret Sport, Club Sport Paris 2024 etc.) and several challenges with over 585,000 subscriptions every month, Sport Heroes is the forerunner in creating and fuelling sporting communities in France and abroad.

Sport Heroes has forecast a 50% increase in turnover in 2020

Sport Heroes has 70 employees in 4 offices (Paris, London, Madrid, Sydney) and a projected turnover of 5M€ in 2020, a 50% increase compared to 2019 despite the health and economic crisis. Sport Heroes saw digital sport boom this year in both households with the staging of virtual races and in companies with the rise of WFH and the need to keep team spirit alive through sport. …

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Press release, October 2nd 2020

Sport Heroes understands how important to sensitize sporting communities to help protect the environment, and has joined forces with the WWF France in a 3 year partnership.

The aim is to create awareness and get Sports Heroes’ 1.5 million running, cycling and swimming members involved with sporting challenges and virtual events fuelled by the WWF France’s messages and campaigns.

The collaboration also aims to change behaviour among athletes. Sport Heroes and the WWF want to work together on trial and research projects to transform athletes’ behaviour in terms of food consumption and disposable plastic.

It’s a no-brainer for Boris Pourreau, founder of Sport Heroes: « Whether it be Sport Heroes staff or community members, we all run, cycle, hike, swim and we reap the rewards our planet gives us. But we’ve also now heard our planet’s alarm bells and how its resources and diversity are being depleted. We’re at the point of no return and we need to act now. Working with the WWF France is a fantastic opportunity to help change mindsets among athletes in the long-term, starting with the members of our communities. …

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Communiqué de presse

Paris, le mercredi 7 octobre 2020 — Sport Heroes, fondée en 2014 par Boris Pourreau enchaine les succès. Avec plus de 1,5 millions de pratiquants sur ses différentes plateformes (Running Heroes, Cycling Heroes, Swimming Heroes, IRONMAN Virtual Club, United Heroes, Livret Sport, Club Sport Paris 2024…) et plusieurs challenges regroupant au total plus de 585 000 inscriptions par mois ; Sport Heroes se positionne comme l’entreprise leader dans la création et l’animation de communauté sportives sur le territoire français et international.

Sport Heroes prévoit, en 2020, une augmentation de 50% du chiffres d’affaires

Sport Heroes compte 70 salariés dans 4 bureaux (Paris, Londres, Madrid, Sydney) et une prévision de CA de 5M€ en 2020, soit une augmentation de 50% vs 2019 et ce malgré la crise sanitaire et économique. Sport Heroes a enregistré cette année un boom du sport digital, dans les foyers via l’organisation de courses virtuelles, et dans les entreprises avec la montée du télétravail et le besoin de maintenir une cohésion interne par le sport. …

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