The Letter
Caitlin Johnstone

We have come to a time of endings

It is right to grieve

A hundred elephants a day are killed

Because the cave man in humankind

Still decorates its cave with teeth.

The earth, our mother, shivers

As the blood of innocents

Seeps into her fesh, her bones.

There is no will

Amongst the rapist sociopaths

Who have the power to stop this

To stop this.

They hunger only for the prize

To be number one, top mongrel.

I set myself against them.

I side with Nature in her terrible march.

I will not despair.

For I see beyond endings.

I see a new begining

Just beyond the darkness.

Yes, there will be a purge.

Yes, those who cannot, will not


Will make their homes on flood plains

on the slopes of volcanos.

Gambling and losing.

The foolish and childish

with minds like herd animals

will pass this life

But live again, wiser perhaps.

It is right to grieve,

And it is right to be joyful.

I call upon the God of my being

To comfort the broken hearted

To awaken the foolish to their own power

To lay bare the plans of the wicked

And expunge them from this precious earth.

So be it.

Obviously I am no poet, but the emotions and thoughts are honest.