Finals Week

Well, guys…I’ve made it. Almost. I’m so close to finishing the fall 2016 semester, I can practically taste it. And yet, there is something between me and my month of freedom: finals. The stress of finals week is unsurpassed. I can feel it radiating off of friends as we chat over lunch. I can see it on the faces of professors; everyone wants to be done.

And yet, with all this stress, here I sit. Blogging. It almost makes me feel selfish, the idea that I would take my focus away from my studies and do something else. The fact that I am taking a moment for myself during a time when time is of the essence is utterly strange. Yet, here I am.

The truth is, I need this. I need moments to myself, where I can just sit and clear my head of all the key terms, the big ideas, and the important concepts. I need time to embrace the life happening all around me. The sights, the sounds, the smells. I know that the stress of finals week is an inevitable part of being a college student, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s okay to take a moment, and remind yourself that the entire world does not, infarct, revolve around getting a degree.

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