Is Social Anti-Social? Uhh..yeah, hello! Wake up people, we live in a world where doorbells do not exist because we text when we are outside, where people sit at restaurants and are more entertained by a 5 ½ inch screen rather than a human with actual emotions. We will actually sit there and talk to someone on our phones, completely ignoring one another for minutes at a time. Almost everyone is guilty of doing it before. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of great things come out of social media. For example, it is almost impossible to forget someone’s birthday because it is literally plastered everywhere. That’s always a plus, right?

One big issue with media and the news is that i can not think on my own. The hot controversy right now is the presidential debate. I for one, have little interest in politics but i can’t help but see it everywhere. Even if i had a single clue about what was going on, i would still question myself with all the memes and jokes. To fully understand what is going on in presidential debates is to just watch it for yourself instead of being persuaded by someone on facebook. That is the only way to know it’s true. It just seems so much more difficult now when everyone is pulling you in every direction. We are expected to be open minded but who could be when you have crime and threats over an opinion. It just does not make sense.