The things i have learned at Wall Street Journal:

When we first arrived to 1211 6th avenue in Manhattan at 9 A.M. They had security everywhere. I felt like I was going down into the subway because we had to swipe tickets to just to get to the elevators! Once we got upstairs, everything was sparkling white and clean cut. Magazines were arranged nicely on the glass table next to the vase of purple orchids. After noticing every small perfect detail of that room I knew this was a perfect place to be. 
 The first thing I learned is that this business does not stop for anyone. One guy at the meeting said that he takes one or two weeks off every year and when he comes back he is totally lost. Everything is constantly changing and progressing. At the meeting consisting of maybe 15 people, they are bringing up, dismissing and creating brand new ideas in a matter of minutes. It’s amazing to watch minds constantly thinking and reacting. 
 The second thing I have learned from this trip is that some of these accounts like snapchat, are run by real people. That means they are updating it with new information almost every 24 hours. That’s dedication! 
 Most importantly, I had realized that while the sparkling white counters of the WSJ were blinding my sleepy eyes at 9 am, they have already been going for hours with brilliant ideas and enthusiastic attitudes.

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