Social Media : The Future

Well here it is. The final blog for class and it is about the future of social media. I mean what is there to even say! Social Media has done so many crazy yet incredible things for us. keeping in touch, meeting new people, and constantly checking new updates in the world can happen all on one little device. And here is the part where it gets better, social media and technology will only improve from here. Just when we think that nothing can possibly get better BOOM! There it is, something incredible.

Something that worries me a little bit about social media is that people will not feel the need to pick up a phone and call someone. Which is actually already happening. I am a waitress at a restaurant and i cant tell you how many couples i see that are on their phones or families with an iPad for every kid just so they will sit quietly. what ever happened to coloring at the table or better yet TALKING to each other. but anyway, now that we are in deep with all this communication, there is no turning back. Don’t get too scared though. We still have some hope for the future, right? Well ill be honest i am not exactly sure how it is all going happen. Maybe next they will invent a future telling device so we wont have to worry about the way of communication.

Kardashians, Beyonce, and any other celebrity on Instagram whose bathroom is bigger than my whole apartment have been gaining followers by the second. Young adults love looking at the glitz and glam hoping to one day be where they are. It all starts with the like button. Then the followers and then as soon as you know it, you are Instagram famous and everyone wants to be like you. I would certainly classify that as a fad. This however is the type of fad that most likely won’t fade. As long as technology is around, social media will keep climbing its way to the top. News is always important. Not just updates on how many people it took to do one celebs makeup and hair but the other good stuff. Other countries for example, its always good keeping updates on the world. Politics are the hot topic right now right? well how great is it to just pull out your phone and get a video of the latest debate in less than 10 seconds. Pretty cool i would say.

Beyonce looking as fabulous as ever!

Well as i come to an end for this article, all i have to say is how incredibly excited (and nervous) i am to see what social media will have in store for us in the future.Between the many features and awesome opportunities we can get from these little squares in our hand, there is no way we can be disappointed!