Mt. St. Elias, Alaska


During campaign season at Alaska Native Corporations you hear the slogan of “more dividends” in many board candidates’ speeches. Candidates promise “more dividends” and “larger dividends” when they talk to shareholders because many Alaska Native shareholders believe that the purpose of a Native corporation is to benefit its shareholders financially.

For these candidates and shareholders, large dividends are the definition of success. To them, a large dividend means the company is doing well and is fulfilling its purpose.

Likewise, no dividend or a small dividend means the corporation is struggling and is…

F/V cornelia marie / deadliest catch 2011

The “hero’s journey” is found on the high seas

An article in The New York Times entitled, “A Soap Opera on the High Seas” attempts to explain why “Deadliest Catch” is so popular.

“(Thom Beers) turned crab fishing into one of the best soap operas ever,” W. Clark Bunting, the former president of Discovery, says.

For years I have been reading this line, that “’Deadliest Catch’ is a soap opera for men.” I think that’s condescending. At the very least, it’s lazy journalism. “Deadliest Catch” has been on television now for nine years, so we have had a few serious journalists write about the show. Often, the premise of…

Morgan Howard

Founder of Morgan Howard Productions and Created global brand and merchandise company sold in 2012.

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