Five Tools You Need to Have Blow Up your Business

So to be successful at your business you have to have the tools to make it happen. For example, Batman has his tool belt to attack the forces of evil, Thor has his hammer and Paul had the Bible. In order, to be successful you have to get the tools right.

1. Smartphone

You have to have a smart phone to be successful. Plain and simple. Your phone is your walking device to generate money today. I use my phone for everything business without it I do not make any money. Your phone is your life force and your blood to your business, use it wisely and not just for selfies.

2. Earphones

Buy earphones with a mike immediately!! This is so crucial because you always want to be hands free. You do not want cramps in your neck from the many phone calls you have to take. Does not make sense. Earphones allow you to be multi purpose emails, social media and looking at info all at the same time. Seize every second and your headphones allow you to do that.

3. Whiteboard

You need to have either a whiteboard or a calendar board. The reason for this is because you need to write down your goals and write down your activities. When you write something down it allows you to see what needs to be down. We only retain 10% of information in immediate time so it is best that we take writing down information in a serious way.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is so crucial in being the best connector in your area. It has targeted audiences, it has people in your niche and it has everything you need. To grow your brand and business you have connect. End of sentence. So LinkedIn is the perfect tool for you to connect with people in your industry and in your city.

5. Yourself

Finally, you are greatest tool you have for blowing up your business. The reason for this is because you are the one that has to accomplish your why, to achieve your dreams and overcome obstacles. You are the only one that can do that. Deep within your veins you should be able to feel all the momentum you need to grow your business. So go out there today and dominate!

Hope you enjoyed this read!

Morgan Ingram- I am an aspiring motivational speaker, nominated TEDx presenter and mindset trainer. My mission is to help alleviate the negative thoughts in your head to unlock your inner potential through my keyword liberation. To hear my motivation daily , follow my Periscope, Twitter, Blab and Instagram accounts @morganjingram!!