Solution to dealing with slow, sluggish or completely down Internet

As consumers, we often blame the online services we are trying to reach as being unreliable when in fact most of the problems are Internet related.

IT and Tech Support companies can quickly find themselves wasting time and money trying to handle customer complaints when the problems are not with anything they support but the customers Internet connection.

When Internet problems occur, there is little that most people can do about it other than to sit back and take it until the problems magically go away.

At least, that used to be the case but not anymore. NutPile Networks is on a mission to help consumers get the help they need.

We all need reliable Internet

The Internet has become more than a way of watching movies, staying in touch with friends and entertainment. It is an important tool for many that work from their homes or offices, with a need to access remote resources or use VoIP communications.

Many people count on reliable Internet access in order to get work done but when services become unreliable, it can be a very frustrating experience.

Getting help

Contacting the ISP support line can get even more frustrating when being told to restart your computer or your modem when you know these problems will show up again soon after.

Service providers work hard to keep their networks working as well as possible but they monitor the overall network and do not see problems from your perspective. When you experience problems, knowing where they are can be very difficult to discover.

Is the problem with your PC, your router, the connection outside your building, in the neighborhood? Is it with your ISP itself or even their upstream provider?

Support will try to help you but they can only look at so many variables and if those look good, there is little they can do but tell you that they will look into it. What you need is a history, reports, information that you can share with your provider and others.

Problems are hard to diagnose

Internet services aren’t something you can see unless you have the right tools but you can certainly tell when it is not behaving correctly.

Even with the tools at hand, most Internet users do not posses the technical abilities needed to diagnose Internet issues and the solutions currently available can be very daunting to many.

We needed something that is simple to install, use and understand by practically anyone.

Now anyone can monitor their Internet

NutPile Networks offers a very low cost and free method of monitoring the performance of your Internet connection, gathering up statistics and reports which can help you get the help you need.

Anyone can take part, no contracts, no obligations, upgrade your reports only when you want to see more details otherwise use the service at no cost.

At no cost, NutPile even includes DDNS and an open port security scan to help you keep your home/office secure. These services and others to come are offered at no cost to help motivate consumers to take part.

The more people that monitor in different areas, the bigger the picture becomes for everyone.

Shared reports — hard to dismiss multiple complaints

Reports can even be shared on Facebook, making it possible to compare with neighbors and friends in and around your area. While one persons complaints could be easily dismissed, it becomes harder to do so when many are seeing similar problems.

Reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, fully automated speed testing, historical data and more. You can even receive an email when outages occur.

Mousing over any record shows additional details about that event. In time, you start seeing a pattern and can be armed with the information needed to get help.

Easy to understand reports

Onsite help explains every part of the service and forums are made available for anyone who wants to ask questions. NutPile has and continues to work hard to keep reports useful to as many as possible. A quick look can reveal all you need or members can dig a bit deeper if they want even more details.

If there is a Partner in your area, they may offer a discounted price and can give you access to your reports.


Here is an overview of how things work and what you can expect.

Why free stuff if you need to cover costs?

This part is pretty easy to explain. The more people who take part, the better the reports become for every single member of the service. The more neighbors you have who also monitor their connection, the better the details become for everyone.

More importantly, the data also becomes something your Internet provider can use to repair or upgrade their services in your area.

We believe the more people that use NutPile, whether it’s the Light or the Standard Edition, the better the service will become for everyone. We also hope that consumers will find the detailed statistics useful and tell others about the service.

It is to our advantage AND yours to have as many people possible in all areas monitoring their Internet connection so that providers can learn about issues they may not be aware of and fix them.


Please share so that others can learn about NutPile Networks and how we hope to change the Internet landscape for better services for us all.