Netflix Technology Blog

We are always excited when we see content providers coming up with ways of helping consumers to better understand what is going on with Internet connectivity.

The NutPile Networks mission is to help consumers find and troubleshoot Internet related issues in order to get the help they need.

NutPile also helps IT/Tech support and content providers who want their users to know when problems are Internet related and not with the services they are trying to reach.

Consumers may not realize the amount of work that goes into making sure services are always up and running.

Above is an article we wrote about and our understanding of why NetFlix would go through the trouble of doing so.

We have also made available a Linux script for anyone who is interested in using for speed testing.

The script allows users to try a variety of interesting settings in order to get the best results they can get from The script even allows the user to limit the bandwidth of the test if this is needed.

# maximum time in seconds that you allow curl download operation to take
# maximum simultaneous downloads to run
# limit bandwidth for downloads in Mbps (1000*1000 bits per second). 0 for unlimited.
# use built-in bash $SECONDS or utility with subsecond precision
# date utility with nanoseconds precision: e.g. teset like this: $/usr/bin/date +%s.%N
# debug