Excited for the New Year? Choose to Feel this Way Everyday!

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Congratulations! You’ve made it to 2018. It’s a new year and a new year brings plenty of new opportunities. What are you doing to do this year? What are you doing to learn? Who are you going to meet that will change your life? On the first day of the year it’s easy to be positive and upbeat about life, but I challenge you to live everyday with the excitement you feel today!

What’s Special About January 1st?

The first day of the year is special, but why is it special? Why does January 1st feel different than August 29th? Or Feb 1st? Or May 22nd? They are all days, each has 24 hours in them. The sun rises and sets in each of them. Hopefully you are able to sleep in all of them.

The reason January 1st feels different is because our society has labeled it the first day of the year. In our culture the first day of the year means something different. It means newness, the ability to change, to start on all the things you haven’t accomplished yet.

In different cultures the first of the year is not January 1st. The Chinese New Year is on February 16th this year. The Islamic new year was September 21st 2017.

If the first day of the year is relative depending on your calendar system, why should you let that influence your attitude?

You Can Always Choose

Why should you be in a better mood just because it’s January 1st? Since it’s relative and different cultures define the first day of the year differently, why not choose to live everyday like it’s January 1st? Choose to view every day as an opportunity? Choose to learn something new? Choose to dream about what you can accomplish that you haven’t in the past?

You have the ability to choose how you feel about life. Choose to feel empowered and positive everyday! Not just once a year.

When February rolls around and January was crummy, choose to see yourself overcoming your past struggles.

When it’s July 4th and America’s are celebrating their independence, choose to celebrate the fact that you mindset is independent from outside influences.

When the holiday season of November and December arrives, choose to make good use of the time with family and friends, choose to have a good attitude while doing it.

Make the Choice

How you feel and live your life is entirely up to you. Don’t get caught in the trap that Jan 1st is the only day you feel excited about life. Choose to live everyday like that, because ultimately it is your choice. Your life reflects your choices, choose wisely!

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