10/14/15 — Symbols in Waiting for Godot

Symbols in Act 1:

The Boots:

The boots are a symbol of daily struggling — Estragon is constantly affected by his boots, always taking them off and putting them on but never makes a difference. This parallels with the many day to day struggles we have but can’t change.

The Willow Tree:

A symbol of both the end of life and hope — The lack of leaves in act one signify that the characters are lost and have no direction; they talk of hanging themselves, possibly to escape from the endless waiting. However, in the second act the tree sprouts leaves, which can symbolize new hope as Estragon and Vladimir continue to wait.


Symbolizes being tied to one’s current situation, as Vladimir and Estragon are stuck waiting without a real idea of why. They even speak of being tied down to Godot, with implies that they don’t really know why they’re waiting but feel they must all the same. Lucky, also, is tied by a rope to Pozzo’s control, and cannot even think for himself without direction to do so. The rope is also used as a symbol of escape from being tied down, when the two talk of hanging themselves on the tree.

Confusing Text:

I was confused as to the meaning of the carrot on page 12, when Vladimir gives Estragon a carrot in a drawn out sequence. The way that section is written seems to imply that the carrot is important or symbolizes something, but after analyzing it more I think that it serves as a comic act and to show more of the contradicting relationship between the two characters.