CNA: Tech News

Youtube Music is Great

The website has now come up with something similar to Itunes music channels, and also similar to Spotify music channels. The public and youtube users are saying it is great.

The youtube channel has created a selection of music by artists, type of music, and etc. This allows you to choose a station and the station cycles through the channel of choice, and places similar music choices together.

Next Generation Apple Watch

Apple is making a new Apple watch that is to be coming out next year. They did not like the version they came out with this past apple watch model.

Google has been making their smartphone softwares and other new technology that seems similar to the apple products. For instance, they are creating the new LG watch which is google software based.

Google and Apple will continue to compete for this new technology both companies will be releasing.

Self Driving Cars

Google has invented self driving cars that may only be driven on roads that have the speed limit of 35mph or lower. A police officer pulled over this google smart car in California, because the officer was not familiar with the speed limit regulations.

The Google smart car is able to drive with technology that allows the driver to not even have to control the car.