Interesting X-Rays

In Wuhan China, a 2yr old toddler shoved a chopstick through his nostril and caused it to impact the inner layer of his nose, and through to his brain. Huang (the toddler) had shoved the chopstick 7cm into his brain. He managed to not damage any main arteries and nerves. He was placed into surgery for four hours and was determined to have a speedy recovery.

The father was not fully paying attention due to cleaning the house and other household chores, when suddenly he heard the boy screaming and he rushed him to the hospital. The boy is to have a full recovery and be well soon.

Australian Chicken operates twitter

A chicken was placed in a room and for chicken treat. They placed a computer in her coop and would allow the chicken to type and place things on twitter for the company.

She is a four year old female chicken that writes the social media for this chicken resturant. The tweets are not usually legible and tends to be a ton of random lettering placed together. The name for twitter is @ChickenTreat and always ending in #chickentweet.

Bulldog Skateboards into the Records

A four year bulldog skateboards through a line of 30 legs of people. The dog not only knows how to move the skateboard, he knows how to shift the weight from one side to another, this way he can make turns as well.

Otto, the bulldog, will be placed into the Guineas world record book. Not only was the tunnel of legs just a straight line, but it was an obstacle that caused him to turn through the line successfully.

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