“Why are you a Vegan?”

This is a question that I get on a weekly basis. When it was news I would get it on a daily basis, but I see the same people every day and they pretty much leave me alone about it now. (For the most part.)

I’ll keep it simple and avoid going into gruesome details…

While playing collegiate field hockey many years ago, I realized that the way I was eating was impacting my athletic performance. With some dietary changes I saw improvements in my energy, endurance, speed, and strength to name a few. After making this correlation, I decided that I wanted to give up meat. (Insert reader’s gasp here.)

Once I stopped eating meat, I began performing better on the field and in the classroom. My B’s turned to A’s and I was suddenly on the Dean’s List. After college I remained a vegetarian for a few years before realizing that I wasn’t far off from taking the leap to veganism. I would occasionally eat dairy and eggs, but not regularly. Making the switch was not hard for me, but it has helped me in more ways than I can count.

Now I am a personal trainer and a varsity field hockey coach. I love to run, lift, hike, swim, and practice yoga. I truly value and appreciate my life and the lives of others. Eating consciously makes me feel better all around.

My goal is to share my recipes in hopes that I can help others feel as great as I do. I’m not saying that everyone should go vegan, but I will say that eating more fruits and vegetables will only help people feel better!