Soul Care: 3 Keys for the Month of February

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  1. Faith is the focus that frees us from fear.

In a world filled with so many distractions, consecrated attention is key. Another word for this deep level of attention is called faith.

We are living in the “attention economy” which can often breed stress and anxiety. You can easily become emotionally affected (and infected) by negativity and doubt. This can come from family, friends, co-workers, social media followers and etc. Today, I invite you to cut out all the noise and focus on what truly matters to you. As individuals, we can use focus to fight through our fears. This focus renders the spiritual practice known as faith.

Faith is the power that preserves, protects, and prevails our spirit through any adversity.

2. Don’t let ego burn you out.

Often times we only celebrate ourselves based on our “performance” from the day. How well did I do? Did I come off too harsh? Should I have said more? Less? Our lives revolve around endless psychological interrogations, and we don’t give ourselves enough grace to just rest in our humanity.

We have a hard time accepting our own failures.

Hey, maybe you were less than excellent that day…but you’re still worthy. You’re still you. Matter of fact, you’re the best you have ever been. Find freedom in forgiveness and be even better the next day. No matter what, don’t let your ego drive you.

There is life beyond it.

3. There’s more to life than what experience has allowed you to see.

Thoughts, attitudes, and opinions are all shaped by our own experiences or the experiences of others. People can encourage or discourage us from experiencing or trying different things. Prior experiences good or bad, frame our perspectives. It consciously and unconsciously governs us.

Most of the time, our perspectives serve as prisoners of our past.

Don’t let your fear OR familiarity, limit your life experiences.

If you’ve never traveled outside of your city…Go!

Interested in exposing your palette to different foods? Try that new Indian cuisine down the street!

Want to expand your vocabulary? Practice learning French online 3 nights out the week!

There are so many experiences that are waiting to enrich your life. It is never too early or too late to embrace them.

One last thing, never allow the possibilities for your life to become limited by your own perspective.




I simply have a passion to inspire, influence, and transform the human spirit through the power of creative thinking.

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Morgan Lonnae

Morgan Lonnae

I simply have a passion to inspire, influence, and transform the human spirit through the power of creative thinking.

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